FLEXPART forward simulation on 13.09.2020 of the total column density of aerosols emitted from forest fires in North America

FLEXPART is a model for atmospheric transport representing the Lagrangian trajectories of a large number of particles in the atmosphere. 
These particles, that can be tracked forward or backwards in time, are driven by Eulerian wind fields such as those produced by 3D meteorological models. 
Applications include the assessment  of 

  • the impact of pollutant releases on air quality, 
  • ozone depletion substances, 
  • nuclear power plant accidents and other nuclear activities involving the release of radionuclides, 
  • greenhouse gases emissions, 

among others. 

Flexpart is a free software, the community site http://flexpart.eu provides more detailed information. 

Contact person

Ignacio Pisso (ip@nilu.no)


Pisso, I., Sollum, E., Grythe, H., Kristiansen, N. I., Cassiani, M., Eckhardt, S., … & Stohl, A. (2019). The Lagrangian particle dispersion model FLEXPART version 10.4. Geoscientific Model Development, 12(12), 4955-4997. https://gmd.copernicus.org/articles/12/4955/2019/